Punjabi canadian real estate developer , Bob Singh Dhillon , was born in 1965 in Japan . Bob Singh Dhillon’s primary education was in Bishan Cotton School , Shimla . He has fond memories of the school saying that it was mainly Punjabi dominated . His grandfather left Punjab to start the North China Shipping Company in Hong Kong. Bob Singh Dhillon’s father then took the family to Liberia to continue the trading business before they fled to Vancouver after the civil war erupted. One of the things his father was looking for after the civil war broke out was safety and a place where this never happens, hence he chose Canada . Having lost most of their belongings in the move, the family had to practically start from scratch.This led Dhillon to forge his own chapter as a trader . Bob Singh Dhillon’s first job was in real estate. At 19 years of age Dhillon bought his first two houses. He renovated them and sold them and made a profit of around CDN$18,000 . Today he is one of the richest Indians in Canada. The CEO of Mainstreet Equity Corporation has netted a fortune by following a simple model: to buy undervalued mid-market apartment blocks, refurbish them, set higher rental rates and watch the money roll in. Bob Singh Dhillon says Canada has more oil in Alberta than Saudi Arabia and has every possible resource you can think of that is getting exploited right now, and as well as reserves for at least another generation or two . But Dhillon does not deal solely in apartment buildings. He owns a 3,000-acre holiday resort in Belize, Central America, where his neighbors include Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio. While the world’s eyes are on the man-made Palm Islands in Dubai, Dhillon insists his Platinum Coast of the Belize peninsula can match its rival in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates.When asked about India and Punjab as investment regions he says there are many issues such as bad planning , black money ,loose policies . But he reckons that during his recent visit to Punjab he noticed there is a silent revolution going on in the IT sector .Literally every buliding and small houses have people from the IT sector and the area is full of small scale IT companies . The government needs to capture this talent , change the laws and create better policies and an environment where it is a free market and entrepreneurs are left to develop their businesses. Bob Singh Dhillon says that his future investment and market would be in the United States . His net worth is over $1bn in assets .