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If you have heard about Desi hip-hop , Punjabi rap then you probably know this personality as well . Bohemia was one of the first to rap in Punjabi . He can be considered as the pioneer of Punjabi rap . Roger David, whom we all know as ‘Bohemia’ was born on 15 October 1979...


Humble The Poet


Since the last few years there has been a surge of Indian artists on YouTube . Leading the charge in north america is an artist by the name of Kanwer Singh also known as Humble The Poet who has taken the Desi Hip-Hop scene with a storm . Desi hip-hop has been on the rise...




Over the last few year the Internet has seen an emergence of young Indian artist booming the desi hip hop scene . 2nd and 3rd generation Punjabis have been leading the charge with this change . All of them are making their own name and each of them have huge fan following . Out of...

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