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Sobha Singh

Sobha Singh was born on 29 November 1901,in Sri Hargobindpur (Gurdaspur) in a Sikh Ramgarhia family.He mastered and self practiced to paint.At the age of 15,Sobha Singh studied in industrial school, Amritsar,for a year in fine arts and craft.Later on he joined the British Army as a draughtsman and was posted in Iraq .He studied...


Manjit Bawa

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Born in 1941 , in a small town by the name of Dhuri ,Punjab, Manjit Bawa was brought up in a spiritual environment offering stories of Mahabharata , Ramayana , Purana as well as hymns , poems and rhymes from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji . Manjit Bawa studied fine arts at the College of...


Satish Gujral

Satish Gujral was born in Jhelum on 23 December 1925 in pre-partition India . At the tender age of 8 an illness fatally impaired his hearing . In 1939 he joined Mayo School of Arts in Lahore to study applied arts . In 1944 he moved to Bombay and enrolled in sir J.J School of...

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