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Satish Gujral was born in Jhelum on 23 December 1925 in pre-partition India . At the tender age of 8 an illness fatally impaired his hearing . In 1939 he joined Mayo School of Arts in Lahore to study applied arts . In 1944 he moved to Bombay and enrolled in sir J.J School of Arts . He stayed in Bombay from 1944 to 1947 . In 1947 due to a recurring sickness Satish Gujral was forced to drop out of school and leave Bombay . He left for mexico in 1952 on a scholarship for an apprenticeship with Diego Rivera and David Sequeiros . The turmoil of the nation came out to the fore in his paintings . The social content dominated his paintings and graphic . Gujral searched for what was living and lif-giving in traditional arts and crafts of India . Satish Gujral was also an innovative sculptor . He tried out junk sculptures and introduced light and sound to them . From 1952 to 1974 Gujral organised shows of his sculptures , paintings and graphics in many cities across the world such as New York , New Delhi , Montreal, Berlin, Tokyo and many more . Gujral had dabbled and expanded both in terms of material usage and content in his sculptures since the late 1980’s . Satish Gujral has been honored with many laurels , distinctions and awards such as the National Award of Paintings ( 2 times) , National Award for Sculpture , Order of The Crown from Belgium ( for architecture) . He is a Padma Vibhushan as well and has received the International Award for Lifetime Achievement from Mexico . Today his work is included in Hiroshima collection , the Hartford Museum and many more . Apart from Satish Gujral’s revered name in paintings and sculpture he is also well known for his contribution in architecture . He has created designs for hotels , residences , embassies and many more . The Belgium embassy in New Delhi has earned him the Order of The Crown by the King of Belgium . A documentary titled ” A Brush with Life ” , showcasing Gujral, the person who overcame physical challenges to become a renowned artist of contemporary Indian arts was made by the Ministry of External Affairs of India .Satish Gujral is the brother of former Indian Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral . He is married to Kiran Gujral . His son Mohit Gujaral is an architect , Alpna Gujral his elder daughter is a jewelry designer and his younger daughter Rasil Gujral is an interior designer and runs the casa-paradox . The family is building a small museum for his art adjacent to their residence on Feroz Gandhi road . Satish Gujral will always be known as a legend who dominated the Indian art scene for the entire period of post-Independence . Gujral is one of the most versatile artist as he has well mastered the fields of sculpture , painting , murals , architecture and writing .

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