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Since the last few years there has been a surge of Indian artists on YouTube . Leading the charge in north america is an artist by the name of Kanwer Singh also known as Humble The Poet who has taken the Desi Hip-Hop scene with a storm . Desi hip-hop has been on the rise in recent years with a number of artist emerging through social media and record labels every now and then . But Humble The Poet has had a major impact in the scene and can be considered as one of the most influential artist present in the genre . His rhymes and poetry are infused with deep messages , thoughts , notions and concepts which we all are exposed to in our daily lives but have little clarity about them . Humble The Poet tries to create a discussion and brings about many analogies on board while expressing his views on Sikhi as well as the hardships that Punjabis have gone through in the past . He also shines light on the issues in the Punjabi culture which need to be addressed such as cancer and aids . As a kid , Kanwer singh grew up in Toronto and loved the environment it provided . Toronto was and still is a mix of cultures with different classes of society and generally a diverse city . Humble the poet had the ambition of becoming a fire fighter as a child . He pursued to become a fire fighter and went for the exams and physical evaluation tests but was rejected due to his appearance with a turban and beard . Kanwer Singh passed on that opportunity and instead became an elementary teacher . He taught grade 3 and 4 for quite a few years . While being an elementary school teacher Humble the poet started creating songs , mixing beats and using his written material from over the years . Humble released one of his songs , ‘Voice for the Voiceless’ , which spoke of the pain and suffering that Punjabis have experienced as a collective group . He put it up on YouTube and the song was well received by the audience world wide . Humble has released over a 100 odd tracks with the most popular ones being , ‘Be About it prod. Sikh Knowledge’ , ‘Voice for the Voiceless II’ , ‘Mohamed Said ft. Sikh Knowledge & Selena Dhillon’ , ‘Baagi Music prod. Sikh Knowledge’ , ‘MiddleRingPinky ft.Sikh Knowledge & Hoodini ‘ , ‘Life of an Immigrant’ , ‘Singh With Me ft. Sikh knowledge’ and ‘Punjabi Mc- Moorni(remix)’. Humble the poet says he used to study artists that he liked and used to observe them hard . He kept going and broadening his knowledge of words and music . He encourages anyone young and wanting to make a difference to keep going and listening to artists that you like .

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