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Former lead singer of British Indian bhangra band B21 , Jassi sidhu , was born in , Birmingham, England on 13 December 1978 . From a young age Jassi Sidhu had the knack of music and used to perform in functions and various marriages . Also he follows the english premier league and is an avid Liverpool F.C. fan . To startup his career , he went on to collaborate with Bally Jagpal and others to form a band called B21 . Jassi Sidhu split from the group in 2002 , declaring that B21 was nothing more than a glorified mime act. After the split Sidhu went on to release solo albums in the UK and India and was a success in both territories . Jassi Sidhu released his first solo album ,’Reality Check’ in 2003 . This album gave Jassi Sidhu the opportunity to provide his own music which was quite different from the music produced by his former band B21 . Prior to release , Sidhu was an unfamiliar face in India . ‘Reality Check’ was commercially successful in both India and UK . it resulted in a wider fan base for Jassi Sidhu . ‘Reality Check’ was released as ‘Ishq Vich Jogi’ in India in June 2003 under the label, Nupur Audio . After making a solid debut with his first album , Jassi Sidhu released his second album , ‘Aashiqui’ in 2005 . He released his old songs recorded with B21. The prime purpose of releasing this album was to introduce his older hits to the Indian audience . The album was both critically and commercially acclaimed. Three tracks ,’Chandigarh’, ‘Din Raat’ and ‘Deor Da Viah’ were recorded with new effects, and music but resembling to the earlier versions . Jassi Sidhu, released ‘No Strings Attached’ in 2005, after the success of ‘Reality Check’ and ‘Aashiqui’ . This time Sidhu packed the album with 10 brand new songs .The album was a big commercial hit in India but was not well received in the international market . Thereafter , the album , ‘Ke Kehne’ was released in 2008 . Ten new songs and two remixes saw Sidhu team up with ‘MBE’ Malkit Singh . He also teamed up with producer and friend Rishi Rich as well as Aman Hayer , the man responsible for hits like ‘Tharti Hilde’ and ‘Sher Punjabi’. In April 2009, Jassi Sidhu released, ‘Jassi What Happened?’, an album comprising all his hits in live version recorded in the studio . His recent stint includes ‘Singing Between the Lines’ in 2011 , an album comprising of Sidhu and longtime collaborators Aman Hayer and Rishi Rich along with Honey Singh, Pama Sarai, Billy Sandher & PBN (Punjabi By Nature) . Also , in 2013 Jassi Sidhu came back with the single , ‘Hipshaker ft Superwoman’ . The track had traditional Punjabi lyrics with modern day electronic beats and a rap by Superwoman who is a Punjabi YouTube artist . The solo was a big hit world-wide .

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