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Soni Pabla


Tejpal Singh also known as Soni Pabla was born and raised in Bilaspur , a village near Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. Soni Pabla moved to Toronto, Canada in the mid 90s. He Studied music from Rajinder Singh Raj and then from Mahesh Malwani, which lead him towards a recording contract with Planet Recordz, a record label...


Surinder Kaur


Surinder Kaur was born in Lahore, back then part of British India, a Punjabi-Sikh family as the sister of Prakash Kaur and is the mother of Dolly Guleria, both noted Punjabi singers. She had three daughters and dolly is eldest of them. Kaur made her professional debut with a live performance on Lahore Radio in...

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