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Prem Chopra


Prem Chopra was born in Lahore , Punjab on 23 September 1935.He was the third of their six children and was brought up in Shimla after his family shifted there after India’s great partition. His father had always wanted his son to be a doctor.But Chopra had already started participating in many English and Hindi...


Rannvijay Singh Sangha


Born on march 16 , 1983 in Jalandhar city , Punjab Rannvijay Singh came on to the scene as a contestant in a popular show hosted by MTV by the name of ‘Rodies’ .Rannvijay was born in a Jatt Sikh family . His father is an officer with the Indian Army , making Rannvijay’s six generation male...


Vikas Khanna


Chef Vikas Khanna was born on 14 November , 1971 in the city of Amritsar . He was born to Davinder and Bindu Khanna and is the second child. As a young child Vikas Khanna was unable to walk until 13 years of age . He was born with misaligned legs and feet . Due...

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