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Ravish Malhotra

Ravish Malhotra was born on 25 December 1943 in Lahore (now in present day Pakistan) is a retired Air Commodore of the Indian Air Force.He became an Air Force test pilot, later stationed at the test center in Bangalore. Ravish Malhotra was also the Air Officer Commanding of Hindon Air Force Station near Delhi ....



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  • Pitho Garam
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A folk game which many of us have grown up playing is Pithoo or Pithoo garam . The game of Pithoo can be played amongst 10 people or even more. Two teams compete against each other much like many other games .The number of players in each time can be any where from two and...



Bhabi is a traditional card game which does not require much strategy . The game requires at least two players, but its not enjoyable unless there’s at least 3. Bhabi is played with one or more deck depending on the amount of players. The cards are ranked from highest to lowest as A K Q...

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