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Jasmeet Singh aka Jus Reign was born and brought up in the city of Guelph, Ontario , Canada . Jus Reign can be considered as one of the pioneer Punjabi YouTube artist . He started filming himself with his friends making small comedy filled skits which he showed his family and other friends . When YouTube became famous in the mid 2000’s Jus Reign took the opportunity and put out his video on the network in 2009. He received an enormous response from the audience and they requested him to do even more videos . Soon Jus Reign gathered a humongous audience and fan following which made him decide to pursue making YouTube videos for a living. In his video Jus Reign often targets typical Punjabi stereotypes , family issues and issues that any young Punjabi brought up abroad would face . After starting out primarily making skits and comedy scenes on his channel , Jus Reign branched out into making vlogs( video blogging ) on his second channel . In his videos he also comments on certain political issues such as Barack Obama refusing to visit the Golden Temple on his trip to India . It is rumored that AkakaAmazing and Jus Reign have a beef with each other and don’t get along . Jus Reign keeps on collaborating with various YouTube artist especially those of Punjabi origin such as Babbu , Fateh , Rupan Bal , Villa and as well as with his younger brother Anmol . He says his aim of comedy is not only put a smile on the faces of many, but to do it in a positive manner that promotes his rich culture, heritage and people, portraying the uniqueness of the strong values and beliefs Punjabi people hold, and breaking down any negative stereotypes that might affect the community. Over 3 years of him making and producing various comedy skits and acts Jus Reign has managed to acquire over 103k Facebook fans and 53k twitter followers . His first channel on YouTube has attracted over 34.5 million overall views with 85 uploaded videos . Much of Jus Reign’s YouTube fame can be accredited to his videos being easy to relate to by the Punjabi youth globally .

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