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MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts )

Kultar Singh Gill

Kultar Singh Gill was born on 24 March , 1979 in Mission, British Columbia . He was interested in Martial Arts early on in his life particularly due to the discipline and values it inculcates in the learner . Kultar Singh Gill was much influenced by martial arts and kung-fu movies that were filmed and directed by Bruce Lee . He started training at the young of 12 , at the Abbotsford Kung Fu Club. In a year Gill realized that kung-fu was not a practical way or system of training . He then trained himself in Muay Thai under the Thai Champion Ajan Songlith Singhtong , who was credited with producing several world champions from Abbotsford , British Columbia . Kultar Singh Gill enjoyed Muay Thai and progressed in the art rapidly . Within 3 months , he fought his first fight against an expert in Ninjitsu . Gill had grown up watching Ninjitsu fighters finish off fights with a single blow . He was very much nervous for the fight but managed to attain victory with his superior skills . He went on to fight several Karate and Tae-Kwon-Do experts and defeated . Kultar Singh Gill realized at this stage that Muay Thai was the ultimate striking technique and sport . At 16 years of age Kultar Singh Gill turned professional and went on to become the Canadian Muay Thai Champion & Pacific North West Champion. Gill also fought for the world title when he was 16 . He faced opponents who were not only bigger than him in size but also had more experience and were 10-15 years older than him . To overcome his opponents physical abilities and experience Kultar Singh Gill worked on his speed , agility and technique . When gill was 19 , he was ranked as 6th in world in Muay Thai but decided to quit Muay Thai and focus on the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) . With knowledge of high school wrestling and his experience in Muay Thai , Kultar Singh Gill quickly excelled in MMA as well . World famous and elite Japanese MMA Organisation , K1 , picked up Kultar Singh Gill when he was 26 years old . K1 at that time was at its peak and they were looking for fresh talent at Las Vegas ,in front of the K1 brass . Out of the 284 athletes and fighters who arrived for the trials, Kultar Singh Gill was chosen on an invitation only tournament. Gill grabbed the opportunity and went on to fight many professional fights as a K1 fighter . In 2008 , he fought his last K-1 fight against Joachim Hansen . Kultar Singh Gill lost the fight and got submitted with an armbar by Hansen . He retired after that fight . After nearly four years in retirement, Gill announced that he will be returning to Mixed Martial Arts at Super Fight League 3 against South African kickboxer Quinton Arendse for the Super Fight League in Delhi, India . The same night his student Gurdarshan ‘ Saint Lion ‘ Mangat also made his debut in Super Fight League (SFL) India . Kultar Singh Gill was pumped up to fight again after 4 years in his ancestral country . Gill secured a first round resounding victory via TKO within the first minute . Quinton Arendse was brutally hurt and took some time to recover from the knockout . Post-fight Kultar Singh Gill was still pumped up , loud and proud of his victory . He took the mike from the anchor and said that it feels so good to return after four year without fighting and to fight in india . He said we punjabis have a lion residing in us and SFL has woken that up in me after many years . SFL immediately signed him for a four fight contract . Currently Kultar Singh Gill is respecting the contract and fighting for the SFL . He recently fought his second fight in SFL against Amr Wahman of Egypt , which he also won with a TKO (punches) . Apart from reinventing his MMA career Kultar Singh Gill also runs a MMA academy by the name of , Mamba Martial Arts Academy . He has already produced students who are fighting in elite MMA organisations . He also plans to send his students to the UFC , which at the moment is the top MMA organisation and is spreading MMA globally . UFC head Dana White said in an interview that Inida is a huge market for MMA and in the very near future UFC would like to step into that market . Kultar Singh Gill’s current record in MMA stands at 12 wins ( 5 TKO , 6 Submissions ,1 Decision )and 8 losses .