SITAR Wizard Shri Harvinder Singh

..ranks among the top sitar players of India. Pliancy and grace of expression is the key note of his art.

Shri Harvinder Singh

was born in the

North  Indian  State of Punjab. His father, the late Shri Arjan Singh, a regular broadcaster of All India Radio, was the first to initiate him into the technique of playing the Sitar, in the tradition of Ustad Bande Ali Khan Gharana of Indore. Later on, Shri Harvinder Singh earned the privilege of studentship with a maestro of the eminence of Late Shri Suchindra Kumar Dutta of Saniya Maihar Gharana, for advance training in this pursuit.
Although an exponent of the Saniya Maihar Gharana, Shri Harvinder Singh has developed an individual inimitable style of his own. He reveals great gifts of imagination in his performance by beautifully blending the sound effects of other Indian stringed instruments which includes Santoor, Veena, Sarod and Sarangi respectively
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