Sudarshan Agarwal



Sudarshan Agarwal (born 19 June 1931[1]) was the Governor of Sikkim from October 2007[2] to July 2008.

Sudarshan Agarwal was born in Ludhiana, and he is a first class Law Graduate. He served as a Member of the National Human Rights Commission for three years as a Judge of the Supreme Court. From 1981 to 1993, he was Secretary-General of the Rajya Sabha.[1]

Agarwal became Governor of Uttrakhand in January 2003.[1][2][3] He was appointed as Governor of Sikkim on 19 August 2007,[4] left office as Governor of Uttrakhand on 22 October 2007,[3] and was sworn in as Governor of Sikkim on 25 October.[2]

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