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Gurcharan Virk is a new generation writer, director & producer. Born in Faridkot District of Punjab, Virk has done post Graduation from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Virk is associated with a farmer family & belongs to Jat Sikh family. Since childhood his deep passion for reading books and listening to music made him a great lyricist.

Virk recorded his first song in the year 1983. As a producer & lyricist, Virk introduced many new singers in Punjabi music for the first time. Out of which Dilshad Akhtar, Pragat Bhagu, Manjeet Rupowelia, Sukhwinder, Mohamad Boota Khan, Neelam Sharma, Sukhi Siddhu are the famous ones. Almost all famous singers of Punjab have given their voice to Virk’s songs. Many famous companies of Punjab have been associated with Virk for the past many years, like HMV, T-Series, CMC, Peritone, Fineton, Anmol to name a few.

During this period Virk entered film industry. Virk till date, has worked in 15 punjabi films, 2 hindi films 3.T.V. Serials & 13 Telefilms as writer & lyricist. Renowned producers like – Preeti Sapru, Varinder, Mohan Bhakdi are associated with Virk.

By this period, Virk had already started his journey as director. Virk started his cherished career with famous late director Surinder Singh . In National award winning film Madi Da Diva, Virk worked as an actor & director. Virk made almost 250 videos, which presented true picture of Punjabi culture.

This presented him with his true identity and has been recognized as a successful director. He has directed 10 tele films, 4 T.V Serials , 250 Music Albums & 18 Advertisements. Under the banner of Film Focus, Virk is producing & directing hindi T.V.Serials & hindi Feature Films.

Many albums of various Punjabi singers are being recorded, awarded with various National & International awards. Gurcharan Virk has promised to serve Punjabi culture with his songs, videos Films & T.V. Serials.

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Jolly Uncle


Jatinder Pal Singh Jolly famously known as “Jolly Uncle” was born in Meerut in UP in the year 1953. He completed his education in New Delhi and is now a prominent writer of Hindi Joke Books, Humour Based Columns in Newspapers and Articles. Jolly Uncle’s columns are carried by many leading Indian newspapers. Jolly Uncle has already come out with two joke books “HASI KA KHAZANA” and “HANSO-HANSAO”. Presently Jolly Uncle is working on his third Joke Book "HASNA ZINDAGI HAI". Apart from the thrid jokebook, Jolly Uncle is also working on a book called “ISHARA” that is aimed to be an extremely motivating book especially for the young generation as it talks about the society and how one can work towards its betterment. Besides books and columns, Jolly Uncle also provides desk calendars with jokes in Hindi as well as in English which will surely brighten up each day of the year.

Readers have been joyfully reading his clean, family jokes and articles that are interesting, illuminating and extremely thought provoking. Jolly Uncle has very rich and varied experiences. His capability of studying things deeply reflects in his much-liked and highly appreciable writing. Jolly Uncle believes that laughter is an expression of love and joy. Laughter reduces stress, tension and depression. He also confirms that laughing truly can make one feel better as it benefits ones health in numerous ways.

Jolly Uncle also writes articles on social issues with a touch of humor in them for many leading newspapers. Jolly Uncle’s short and crisp jokes are a cocktail of various subjects. He writes jokes in simple Hindi for all occasions and age groups which can be shared with all family members and friends. His jokes can be segregated into the following segments – Husband-Wife, Naughty moments of children, Politics, Friendship, Doctors-Patients, Student-Teachers, and Police etc.

Jolly Uncle’s humor based articles are a serious effort towards soul uplifting, character building and create social awareness in the society. His books are a very good companion both in the time of distress and joy and especially during long journeys. These books should be kept handy in every family.

Jolly Uncle is suffering from a very serious disease, D.V.T. (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Till date there is no medical help for the same. In this problem, all the concerned leading doctors recommend total bed rest. In spite of this Jolly Uncle has chosen the path to make everyone laugh.

Besides all the above, Jolly Uncle is also looking after his business and is the Director of Aman Cargo Pvt. Ltd. for the last 25 years. Aman Cargo Pvt. Ltd. is a leading name in the field of Custom House Agents, having branch offices at Delhi, Mumbai & Ludhiana.

Tarlok judge


24 February 1958
Ferozepur, India

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Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam (August 31, 1919–October 31, 2005) (Punjabi: ਅਮ੍ਰਿਤਾ ਪ੍ਰੀਤਮ, amritā prītam, Hindi: अमृता प्रीतम, amr̥tā prītam) was an Indian writer. She is considered the first prominent woman Punjabi poet, novelist, and essayist. When the former British India was partitioned into the independent states of India and Pakistan, she migrated to India in 1947.

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Sahir Ludhianvi

Sahir Ludhianvi (March 8, 1921 – October 25, 1980) was a popular Urdu poet and Hindi lyricist and songwriter. Sahir Ludhianvi is his pseudonym. He won the Filmfare Award twice, in 1964 and 1977, and in 1971 was awarded the Padma Shri.

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Dhani Ram Chatrik

Dhani Ram Chatrik (October 4, 1876–December 18, 1954) is considered the founder of modern Punjabi poetry.

He worked all his life to lift the status of the Punjabi language. He was the founding president of Punjabi Sabha (a Punjabi Literary Society). He worked relentlessly to get Punjabi its due status amongst people as well as government.

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