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Imran Khan was born 28 May 1984 in The Hague, The Netherlands. His parents are from Gujranwala, Punjab in Pakistan and settled in The Hague, Netherlands in the early 1970’s. Imran Khan started his career in his late teens. His friend Shahid Mazhar founded Prestige Records, which released Khan’s debut single “Ni Nachleh”. Khan later that year, 2007, was performing in several countries. Khan’s first released single, “Amplifier”, was produced by Eren E and was released on 12 July 2009. His second single, “Bewafa,” was produced by Hakan Ozan and released on 30 November 2009. In July 2009, Khan released his debut album, Unforgettable. It includes the singles “Amplifier”, “Bewafa” and a remix of his first single “Ni Nachleh”. It was nominated for Best Album in the 2010 UK Asian Music Awards but did not win. “Amplifier” was nominated for best video, with Khan himself nominated for best male act and best desi act. In 2011, Khan announced his departure from Prestige Records to start his own label. After going underground for almost 4 years, Khan released the single ‘Satisfya’ on 9 May 2013. ‘Satisfya’ got 801,160 views on YouTube in 3 days. This single, unlike his previous singles, was released from IK Records. The single is produced by his “Amplifier” producer Eren E. The music video shows Khan driving a yellow Lamborghini Aventador and sitting with a cheetah. Khan’s Satisfya video which was directed by David Zennie was the Best Mainstream Video of the 2013.
It is known that Imran Khan wrote every song that he sang. Due to the piracy and illegal downloads that the asian music industry was been affected. Prestige record said “We will not be releasing the album until people start respecting the artist work by not going through illegal downloads and piracy which has effected us and the artist.Until we receive full support we will not release any material to the world.” Imran Khan later confirmed that this is not a rumor, it’s true. Khan said “What you hearing is correct and what you saying about the record label it will be the same so it does not make a difference. My label and I have decided to go into property business because we feel strongly that the asian music industry is to poor. I hope you understand and the fans peace in the middle east” . Imran Khan has won many awards for his singles and albums . He won “Best Album” at the 2010 Brit Asia TV Music Awards for Unforgettable . He was nominated for four awards at the 2010 UK Asian Music Awards, “Best Album”, “Best Video” for “Amplifier”, “Best Male Act” and “Best Desi Act”, winning “Best Desi Act”. Imran Khan also won “Male Musical Artist of the Year” at the 2010 Anokhi Magazine Awards . He was also given the title “Young Person of the Year” at the 2013 at Pakistan Achievement Awards.

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