Dulla Bhatti

Rai Abdullah Bhatti Shaheed popularly known as Dulla bhatti or ‘Robinhood of Punjab’ or ‘Son of Punjab’ was a Muslim Rajput from Punjab region. He was born to Farid khan and Ladhi in Sandal Bar ,near Faisalabad in Punjab (modern day Pakistan). He was a master of guerrilla warfare which he beautifully used in his fights against Mughals . Born in reign of Shahjahan and Akbar the famous Mughals in 16th century, he denied to pay the taxes imposed on the poor common people . He was a born ‘Lion’ according to his mother and got the fighting skills from his ancestors . It is said that because of dulla bhatti’s rebellious nature and actions against the Mughals , Akbar shifted his capital from Delhi to Lahore for nearly 20 Years . He is often called the ‘Robinhood’ of Punjab as he looted the Mughal treasures and distributed it amongst the needy . Dulla Bhatti was full of compassion and was also called ‘the vichara’ as he financially helped poor families marry off their daughters . His compassion for poor and his strong rebellion against Mughals, made Akbar send his nobles on an expedition against him. Akbar’s army failed at capturing him but managed to kidnap his wife . Dulla gathered support and fought the Mughals .The Mughals fought and lost the battle . Dulla was then called in the court of Akbar for talks but he was arrested deceitfully. Later he was hung in front of Kotwali . Another story says that he was given poison in milk and was thereafter buried . But whatever may the true story be , treachery made a fighter loose . The town Dullewala is named after him. No book can really explain his personality but there is an epic in Punjabi language Dulle Di Vaar and in Pakistani Punjab Dulle Di Bar which narrate the heroic events. Though he chose a way of theft but his work for upliftment for the poor and specially girls can never be forgotten . A Rajput stood alone against the Mughals , fought bravely and died for innocent lives and this makes him a real hero indeed who will always remembered and cherished in our hearts.

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