From a small rural town in Punjab by the name of Mansa to the big screen , Aman Dhaliwal’s career took many ups and downs before he established himself as a versatile actor and proved his talent . Aman Dhaliwal was born to teacher parents on 24 July 1986. Like many Indian parents,his parents also wanted him to become a doctor or an engineer while he wanted to be an astronaut . Later on he accepted to become a doctor but on the condition of not studying in Punjab . His parents sent him to Delhi where he got his admission . Aman Dhaliwal became a model by accident. Not long after his admission in the college, he went to a saloon to get his hair trimmed . There he was mistaken as a model by some agent who was waiting for some other model . Finally, after the confusion got cleared, he was offered the job and Dhaliwal accepted it . After doing this project he was offered many more and soon modeling became his profession . Some of his early modeling projects include “Jogiya ve Jogiya” , “Jaan Jaan” and “Jatt lutiya Gya” . Dhaliwal’s acting career started in 2007 with “Big Brother” starring Sunny Deol and Priyanka Chopra . Aman Dhaliwal’s big break came in the form of”Jodha Akhbar”, the following year . Having done not only Hindi films but Tamil , Punjabi and Pakistani films, Dhaliwal has proved his versatility over the years. His recent Punjabi films include , “Ajj de Ranjhe” (2012) and “Jatt Boys – Putt Jattan De” (2013) .