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Punjabi’s are known for their sincerity, dedication , hard work and entrepreneurship. True to this tradition is Mr.Narotam Singh Narang, a business tycoon based in Thailand . He belongs to the illustrious Narang family of “Thai Penang Fabrics” – the leading manufacturers , importers and exporters of textiles in Bangkok . The legacy of Mr.Sardar Singh Narang, the founder of “Thai Penang Fabrics” is being successfully carried on by Mr.Narotam Singh’s dynamism and perseverance. Mr.Narotam Singh regularly visits India to attend various NRI and business meetings. It has been largely through his offices that the two countries have been able to strengthen their trade relations. On him goes the onus of mobilising the Indian Youth in Thailand which is, to a great extent instrumental in creating a favourable environment for economic development.