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Punjabiat denotes the peculiar Punjabi lifestyle , its ethos , psyche and value system . It is manifested in its culture , festivals , folk songs , traditional sports , art , craft , literature , philosophy , religion , dash , daring , dynamism , bravery , openness , adventurous spirit , hospitality and enterprise . Various strands have been woven into the texture of the Punjabi people . It has evolved a truly cosmic culture .An openness and readiness for restructing have been the esence of Punjabi life- style . This life- style has been conditioned by a long racial experience of myriad variegated challenges and the collective social responses to them . The traumatic experiences of numerous invasions , forced alertness on them to be always on their toes , the ability to assimilate the alien currents without being swept off their feet has made Punjabis a dynamic people . Punjabiat is a cosmopolitan outlook . It has developed over the ages by rubbing shoulders with variegated cultures and communities . It is divine humility and fierce defiance of humiliation and injustice . It believes in the equality of mankind and the dignity of labour . It is not a rejection or denial of life but a sturdy acceptance and lust for life . It consists in gay abandonment and laughter .The typical Punjabi is an extrovert, a sociable fellow who likes to eat well, dress well. Even if he s in a tight spot he would like to twirl his moustache and say "Chardi kala" ("on the up and up") to those who ask how he s getting on. He learns quickly and assimilates new cultures without difficulty; family honour is sacrosanct to him, but in other matters he tends to be liberal minded. It is a matter of pride to be "up to date". His enterprise and capacity to work hard are legendary and his deepest ambition is to "be his own boss": many an emigré Punjabi have started life in a strange land driving a cab or working in a café and gone on to buy out the owner within a couple of years.
Punjabise have a peculiar dynamism sense of adventure is in the life style, Always doing new thing with new style taking new pangas and getting success is code of punjabi conduct. This page is saga of Punjabi adventurism (Punjabi and the story of punjabi success This page an international directory of famous punjabise and their PANGAS Making this directory is a meagre effort by us to salute punjabi pasina which son of soil have bahaud in all , nick and corner of this universe. Making this directory again our PUNJABI PANGA

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