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YouTube over the years has produced a number of famous personalities . And with the rise of many Indian YouTube personalities its not surprising to see a Punjabi girl in the mix with over thirteen million subscribers under her channel . Lilly Singh aka Superwoman was born in Scarborough, Ontario and lives with her parents. Like most Punjabi parents , Singh’s parents wanted their daughter to have a secure and successful job as an engineer or a doctor . But Superwoman chose to graduate with a Degree in Psychology . Her YouTube career all started when she was down and depressed . Superwoman realized that it was no point being depressed and decided to get out of depression by posting a video . She fondly remembers her first video of a spoken word piece she uploaded onto YouTube to show friends and family the performance. Little did she know the kind of response that she will be getting . Her video was shared by many . Her viewers demanded more videos and soon Superwoman started churning out positive and motivational video on her channel every Monday and Thursday . Today partly a comedian and a motivational speaker , she seeks to entertain and uplift people . Slowly as Superwoman gathered more subscribers and got invited to many schools and functions in the community to give speeches , her parents understood her success and tried to comprehend her fame . But she claims that her dad still thinks that this is not a full time career and that his daughter will go on to become a lawyer . Superwoman’s videos are currently not only being watched by Punjabis but by the global audience . The content of her videos revolves around her daily life and things that she notices . Some of the videos include her talking about things that annoy her while some portray typical desi problems that every young Punjabi experiences . Over the years Superwoman has collaborated with many artists such as Humble the Poet , AkakaAmazing , Zaid Ali and many others . Superwoman has also recently collaborated with Jassi Sidhu in the track ‘Hipshaker’ . The track has become a commercial hit and has exposed her to the Indian audience on a big scale . Superwoman now has produced over several hundred videos on her YouTube channel and has a subscriber list consisting of more than 15 million subscribers ! Apart from making videos she says she likes Bhangra and Punjabi music , being a Bhangra performer herself and Bollywood movies as well . Also she is a vegetarian and is a social activist as well. Superwoman uses social media as a means to spread her message of ‘One Love’ and also to raise awareness of the ignorance within the South Asian community.